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Why we believe in brand extension.

Our experience has shown us that extending a brand’s product line can be key to its continued growth in certain markets.

We love brands. We love their power, and the meaning they can have in people’s loves. Brands aren’t just commodities. At their best, they are part of a love story between consumers and products, based on deep feeling and loyalty.

That’s why, for us, being a brand distributor is about more than mastering strategy and logistics. It’s also about identifying a brand’s potential and going further to maximize it.

Often, that can mean facilitating a brand extension at times when the brand itself may not have seen the opportunity. That’s what happened with two of our favorite brands, Rossignol and Ski-Doo.

For decades, Rossignol has been a beloved ski brand throughout Canada. As a long-time distributor, we saw that there was potential for this brand with its loyal market, beyond the current international ski equipment offering. We felt that if the brand extended into accessories such as gloves and tuques, the market would respond favorably. We convinced Rossignol to back our vision and designed and produced a line of specific outerwear and accessories ourselves, placing it in stores across North America. We were right, the products were a hit, and North American customers’ love story with Rossignol continued into a whole new chapter.

That success was repeated under the Unit-6 division with Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), who control the Ski-Doo brands. Once again, we could see the love that Canadians had for those brands and were convinced that love could be extended beyond snowmobiles. We suggested, designed, and produced a line of complimentary products including boots that were sold in stores selling BRP products. These products, too, were a hit.

We have the capacity to think outside the box and deliver products that celebrate a brand beyond its usual scope. If you think that your brand may have untapped potential, we should talk about a brand extension for you.



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