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It starts by choosing the right brands.

Our services begin with choosing a select number of brands we can focus on with extraordinary commitment. We then bring these brands to market providing:



We know the ins and outs of the retail market thoroughly.

Our sales strategy is based on favorizing booking orders. By taking orders first, we drastically reduce overstock and clear out, which ensures brand image and desired price point are protected.

Our sales expertise includes recruitment of experienced and well-connected sales representatives working in Canada and in the U.S, as well as rigorous ongoing training through seasonal sales meetings and store visit with brand managers. We back this sales force with sales tools that include market overview, sales reports, competitive updates, sales growth worldwide, data analysis and advertising overview.

Our tools also include professional line presentations in a controlled environment (showroom).

Marketing and

We apply global branding and marketing initiatives with key accounts at the local level.

Our marketing and promotion activities include presence at national and regional trade shows, products knowledge clinics for all accounts staff, online initiatives through B2B-B2C websites (pending brand approval) and social media (Instagram, Facebook.)

In addition, we offer digital and print advertising, POP / In-store display distribution and partnerships with key accounts to create concept store and shop-in-shop initiatives. Our marketing promotion tools include athlete partnership and ambassador deals, as well as events sponsorship.

Distribution, operations
and logistics

Our distribution, operations and logistics offering is extensive. We take charge of import logistics, including container shipping, customs brokerage and distribution, through a network of warehouses located in the US and Canada. We employ detailed strategy and execution to get brands in front of consumers, taking into account granular operational and logistical considerations. Through it all, we are EDI ready and compatible through our various third-party logistics partners.

Using technology seamlessly, we offer operations and financial cost-control services including margin management, inventory management, and accounts receivable.

Our goal throughout is simple: we put customer service first. We are always available to answer any question brands you may have, throughout the distribution and sales cycle. If you want to know where your goods are at any specific time, we can tell you.


We are proud of the financial leverage we can offer our partners. Over 25 years, we have built excellent equity. This allows us to easily open letters of credit (LC) for all our purchases when needed, making your partnership with us risk-free.  In addition, we insure our accounts receivable, we can finance projects, and will gladly do so when the right opportunity and partner present themselves.

Product development

We don’t only distribute existing products. Throughout our history, recognizing opportunities in the market, we have developed new products like outerwear and streetwear for brands like Rossignol, Split, Neve and others. Our subsidiary Unit-6 is dedicated to designing and producing footwear for private label clients including some of North America’s largest retailers. 


We are active in the following market categories:

Skiing and boarding sports

Outdoor apparel

Lifestyle apparel


Aerobic Sports apparel



United States



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