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To go all out, it takes Momentum.

We’re an established distributor surrounding itself with knowledgeable, well connected, and passionate people in their respective disciplines so we can make brands grow. It starts with following our instincts and our passions and leveraging what we know. We develop strong relationships based on mutual affection, and, more importantly, trust.


We’re moving from strength to strength. Making brands grow for over 25 years.

After decades of helping connect consumers to brands, Momentum Distribution believes that distributors are more important than ever. Retailers count on experienced distribution professionals to ensure they are connected to the most exciting brands on the market. In a time where the rules of retail are changing daily, brands can count on Momentum to ensure they are in front of customers when and where they most need to be.

For over 25 years, we have introduced a wide variety of brands to North America. Our history is one of continued success. Year over year, we have shepherded our client brands through continued growth in the Canadian and US markets.

In 2009, we expanded our traditional distribution model with the introduction of Unit-6. Demonstrating versatility and a deep knowledge of sourcing, Unit-6 designs and produces private label footwear for major retail accounts.


We keep our focus laser tight, and our minds on business.

Our success since 1994 is based on a simple approach: we keep our focus laser-tight, and we ensure that everything we do is the outgrowth of a pro-active business mindset.


Claude Roy

President and Founder

Pierre Vermette

Sales and Marketing Director

Alexandre Ouimette

General Manager Unit-6

Jean Cloutier

Director of Finance

Robert Leroux

Buying and Sourcing Director Unit-6

David Milette

Director of Operations